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The Board of Directors and Esquire Association Management, LLC (Esquire) work together to fulfill a key purpose of the Association, to meet the needs of its Members by assessing, collecting, and disbursing the assessments as authorized by the CC&R's.  The Board and Financial Committee work to ensure that current and proposed programs are congruent with both the Association's mission and its budgetary resources. In order to accomplish this task, the Board has to find a sensible balance between the quality of programs and services offered, their cost effectiveness, and staff resources to deliver them.





The 2024 Monthly Assessment is as follows:

Single Family Homes: $127.00

Duplex Homes: $146.00

Townhouse Residence: $137.00

NOTE: The annual budget constitutes the basis for determining the assessment against each homeowner. Additionally, the Association is only required to notify the homeowner according to the address as stated on the lot deed. Should the homeowner's address be changed on the deed, the Homeowner is obligated to notify the Board of Director and Esquire Association Management, LLC of the change AND provide copies of the deed to each party confirming the change. 


Assessments are due on the 1st of every month. To avoid late fees and interest, payments MUST be received in FULL by the due date. If you have any questions regarding payment of your assessments, please contact Rebecca Lesko, Community Manager, at 717-824-3071 ext. 116 or by email at

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