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Our Association relies on volunteers in every aspect of what we do and values the time, talents, and passions that our volunteers contribute to achieving our mission. Engaging with local schools, service clubs, businesses, and government entities links us to people with diverse skills, cultural backgrounds, and abilities that strengthen our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our community. We are committed to creating a warm, safe, and inclusive environment where the unique gifts of our volunteers are recognized and nurtured and where dedicated staff and resources support meaningful volunteer opportunities.


 The Welcome/Social Committee is charged with welcoming new residents to the community through formal introduction and a small welcome gift. Committee members also work closely with the Board to hosts social events throughout the year.




The Grounds Committee is charged with the task of identifying the needs of the Association and developing a strategic plan that will guide the Board's planning and budgeting efforts. This includes the maintenance, repairs, and improvements of the common area, and the general upkeep of the properties.


The Architectural Committee's responsibility comes from the Association's CC&Rs. Members of the Committee are tasked with maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the residential properties. The Committee reviews all applications pertaining to the architectural improvements of residential lots.



The Violations Committee is responsible for the enforcement of the Association's governing documents through the inspection of residential properties, violation notification, and when appropriate, take enforcement action. The Association’s governing documents, regulate the external appearance, use and upkeep of the properties.



The Financial Advisory Committee serves the Board of Directors and the primary responsibilities of the Committee is to review financial reports, consider and monitor investments, and review and recommend funding for capital projects, while also developing financial policies and resolutions to the Board.


There are several ways your business or family can sponsor The Lakes at Donegal Springs Homeowners Association.  As a family, you can sponsor our programming and events or beautification efforts with monetary donations or by donating your time and talents to better the Community.  We encourage businesses to donate money or goods to aid Community events planned and organized by the Social Committee. 


As a local business sponsor, we'll proudly promote your business on our website while sharing your sponsorship with our 600+ residents in the Thank You portion of our yearly mailer encouraging them to check our your business and continue to shop local.  It’s just another great way to get your business heard by area residents. 

Sponsorship inquiries can be sent to our Social Committee through

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